22nd March 2018

FiVe MiNute ThInK

If i’m being kind to you but you think I am being horrible, am I being kind or not?

I’m being kind. It literally says ‘if i’m being kind’. Maybe the person i’m being kind to is in a bad mood. Could also be your tone of voice. Another argument would be if i was being kind in a sarcastic way. Also say a friend came to school with a bad haircut and I said “nice hair” that could make him feel self-conscious.

Is a white piece of paper more blank then a black piece of paper?

No it is still empty, unless you colour in the paper black or white it is blank. But wait, trees have a very small amount of graphite in them. Paper is made of trees so ACTUALLY any piece of paper is not blank.

Is love an invention created by humans?

No, because most of all other animals have a limbic system. The word ‘love’ is created by humans though. The tennis love was also created by humans.

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